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Repairs can Change the World

Repair and reuse is the only way to fight the electronic waste, with profitable repair businesses being the foundation for a sustainable Circular Economy. The key here is profitable repair, and we can help with this. Fixably is a purpose-built repair management tool that helps you offer a great service experience, making repair a competitive alternative for your customers.
And if you sign up with Fixably this October, we're offering you two free months as part of celebrating International Repair Day on October 16, 2021. You can read more about the Open Repair Alliance and Repair Day here.

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A macOS technician repairing a MacBook.
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A repair management tool that enables you to offer the best customer service

Fixably gives your repair business a distinct advantage through greater efficiency. Apart from prioritizing actual repair work, our platform is designed to make it easier for you to manage customer expectations during the repair workflow. The best part is that most administrative tasks, including repair status updates, is automated.

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An iOS technician working on an iPhone.

Automation makes Fixably the best repair management solution

Fixably's automation has one objective, to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks. This will lower turnaround times and increase customer satisfaction levels. A unified repair management interface has all the information you need to manage a repair. This includes customer details, device information, and a timeline of repair. Plus, you can add parts from your stock, message customers, create an invoice, and even ship the device from the same view.

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A repair technician works on an Apple MacBook.

Make sure your customers have a great service experience

Our solution enables better customer communication as well. For instance, updates can be automated so that the customer is notified by email or SMS of any change in the status of the repair. You can also choose to have an online portal so that your customers can check on the repair on their own time. The portal is integrated with Fixably and status updates are automatically changed based on the changes you make. No more phone calls from confused customers.

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The stock and inventory room at an electronics repair shop.

A stock & Inventory module built for repair service businesses

We give you full control of managing inventory, with a great overview of your stocks. You can automate processes to make sure all inventory is accounted for and keep in-house stocks at the correct level. This gives you an accurate idea of the funds tied to inventory.With our stock transfer feature, users can transfer inventory items from one stock to another, or make inventory adjustments. Fixably maintains an accurate and complete papertrail of all changes that are made.

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An employee at an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Real-time performance data for big and small businesses

Worried about how your repair business is doing? With Fixably, you can access reports on employee and service performance to get a clear overview of your business operations. Gain complete financial and performance control. Analyze performances over time and identify where your intervention is needed in easing pressures and solving problems. Apart from financial records and invoicing data, you can get reports on all aspects of your repair business like technician workload and efficiency, granular data on types of devices, and more.

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A macOS technician works on a MacBook.

Apple GSX API integration for authorized service providers

If you’re an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP), you’re required to use Apple GSX (Global Service Exchange). This means switching between several different programs while doing repairs. The solution is Fixably. It’s a one-of-a-kind repair management tool that seamlessly integrates Apple GSX for Apple partners around the globe. Fixably’s GSX API integration will give you instant access to the Global Service Exchange database. We also keep Fixably updated, adapting to Apple’s changing requirements so you don’t have to worry about it.

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“By eliminating time wasted, sometimes hours a day in GSX, getting orders created in bulk for some of our clients, we’ve now got a much simpler process that frees up time for other areas of our business, which saves us tons of money and allows us to focus our time on other, more profitable areas”
Alexander Tylke
System Engineer and Service Manager
Terms & Conditions*
What are the terms and conditions or how might my business be eligible?
*To be eligible for this promotion, a company must:
i) be located in the Netherlands or Spain;
ii) sign an annual (12-month) contract with Fixably by October 31, 2021;
iii) satisfy eligibility requirements that will be detailed in a call with a Fixably representative.

Eligible companies will receive the first two (2) months of Fixably's services for free as of the effective date of the contract. Existing customers are not eligible for this promotion. This offer is non-transferable and cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. Fixably retains the right to withdraw this offer at any time.