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Global Repair shops have used fixably to service Millions of end customers

All-In-One Service Management Solution for Repair Shops

Use a Workflow Built by Repair Business Professionals

Manage Repair Tickets, Ensure Repair Queue is Under Control

All Information on a Repair on One Efficient Dashboard

Track Employee, Vendor, Customer Activity with Ease

Manage Walk-In Customers as Well as Corporate Clients

All Your Repair Shop Locations on One Platform

Process Automation Avoids Repetitive Tasks, Copy-Pasting Customer, Device Information

Enter Data Once, and Use it for Customer Communication, Printouts, & More

Maintain an Error-Free Workflow Through Controlled Workflows for Tasks

What we can do for you:
Save over 10 minutes every repair, improve customer service & make repair workflows easy.

How we do this:

Our software automates repair shop processes for you.

Who we can help:

Repair shop owners, managers & technicians looking to improve how service is offered.

What you get as a Repair First member:

You get a 25% discount on our Starter & Performance plans.

Automation is profitable.
Efficiency lowers costs, improves chances of upsell.

Customer service helps you sell more

Fixably's features improve customer experience significantly. Repair shops using Fixably have reported over 10% increase in customer satisfaction scores (as measured by Apple). This helps you upsell accessories and have customers return to you for all their repair needs.

Automation gives you business control

You can define workflows so that every task in your repair shop is done the way you would do it. This includes everything from the a device check-in to customer emails & text messages and even document management. This gives repair business owners and service managers the control and visibility needed to truly effective.

One view has all the information you need

Managing paperwork and documentation during repair is important for both you and your customer. With Fixably, one view has all the information you need on a repair. Device information, customer details, a record of all emails and texts, any documents shared, and even a timeline of the repair.
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