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There is No Great Repair.
Only Great Service.

John has a broken phone. It's very important to him. His life is managed from that phone. John wants you to see to it that it's repaired ASAP.

Jane's laptop won't switch on. She can't complete her work until it's repaired. She too wants your undivided attention.

You have a hundred such customers demanding time and priority every day.

And you need to make sure every customer is happy with their service experience.

That's why Fixably was built.

To be the platform that understands electronics repair, service management, and the repair business.

To be the one tool that prioritizes your customers just as much as your business.

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Google & Capterra 5/5
Trusted by repair service providers globally.

So what do you do?
You show customers that you and your team are always on top of the repair.

Fixably is designed to allow you to automate tasks. This includes a lot of customer interactions.

You can choose to send customers real-time status updates on their devices.

A technician has been assigned and is diagnosing the problem. Let them know.
Waiting for approval of the cost estimate? Email them. Or text them.
Waiting for parts? Of course, they need to know.

All of this is automated. When you change the status of the repair within Fixably, the same change can be communicated to customers as well.

All the tools you need to manage repairs on one platform.

An iPhone technician at work.

A white-label customer portal for your clients

With the service portal, you don't even have to worry about updating customers. Instead, you give them the ability to log in and track the repair any time they want.
Once again, it doesn't mean extra work for you. Any changes you make to the repair status within Fixably will be reflected online. Clients can even have an account that has a history of every repair you've done for them.

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A macOS technician repairs a MacBook.

Automate paperwork so that you don't have to waste time on it

Automations are not limited to customer communication. Almost all paperwork is automated in some way so that both you and the customer have a great service experience.
For example, the check-in process is a guided workflow that ensures that all necessary paperwork is attached along with the device. These documents are then attached to the repair ticket so that everyone who looks into the repair — from the technician to the service manager — has a clear understanding.

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These are just two tools in Fixably's repair toolkit that make the repair experience better for you and your customers. There are a hundred more.