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Fixably Helps You Manage Your Repair Orders

With every new repair order, our software gets smarter. Fixably gives you continuously evolving intelligent feedback based on similar repairs completed for other customers.

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Google & Capterra 5/5
Trusted by Apple Authorized Service Providers around the world

Fixably will significantly improve your repair business while making your life easier

Say goodbye to worrying about your repair process and go with our intelligent automation

Fixably automates almost everything except for the physical repair itself. Your repair process is perfectly streamlined at the push of a button.

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Every technician is backed by the knowledge of 1,000,000 repairs

As a technician, receiving repair orders has never been easier. With each new repair ordered by a customer, the software integrates more information and gets even smarter.

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Fixably allows you to build a better, transparent and more efficient business

Fixably provides thorough information on what the status of the repair is, while keeping your customer updated on the progress simultaneously.

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Automate processes, find bottlenecks and boost your efficiency

  • Apple GSX Integration
  • Process automation capabilities
  • Sales & Purchase Ledger Automation
  • Simplified File Management (POP, CLC, WCR etc)
  • Logistics Module with Carrier Integrations (UPS, DHL etc.)
  • 3rd Party Integrations

Data management

Be in control of your business, master your data

  • Service Point of Sale Capability
  • Reporting & Statistics Module
  • Secure, Reliable, Cloud based
  • Stock & Inventory Module
  • Simplified Data Import/Export
  • Fixably API access

Customer Experience

Delight your customers and improve loyalty

  • Self-Service Customer Portal
  • SMS & Email case based communications
  • Apple Appointment Scheduler integration
  • Service contracts management
  • Multilingual Customer Documentation

People are talking

Hundreds of happy repair service teams use our solution daily

In addition to how the system supports our business, we think the Fixably staff is very helpful when we need support and assistance along the way. Recommended!
Chris Anderson
The communication functions raised our CSAT score by about 10 percent.
Noah Gibson
We have improved our customer satisfaction thanks to fewer human errors and better-automated communication.”
Matti Uronen
My experience with Fixably has been nothing short of tremendous. The interface is easy to use, customize and operate.
Phil Fonzen
Premiere Tech Shop
Fixably was like a breath of fresh air after using a functional but archaic repair management system for years.
Sven Busselot
I save between five to seven minutes per repair on GSX on average. In a repair for an insurance company, we save a lot more than that!
Alexander Tylke
Great customer support from the Fixably team!
Dave Grey
iLove Computers

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Hundreds of happy repair service teams use our solution daily