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This is heaven right now for us to be able to do the things that we really need to do
Jada Tate, TCSi
We improved our customer satisfaction scores by about 10 percent using Fixably.
Noah Gibson, MacRent
Fixably will be a necessary tool in our expansion, to keep control of our business.
Ricardo Vargas, Microtec
We save 5-7 minutes on every repair... because our team gets to focus on the work.
Alexander Tylke, SCOUT IT
Repair Management
Customer Experience
customer portal
GSX Integration
Reporting & Data
Inventory & Stock
Point of Sale

Features included in Fixably Starter

250 Repair Orders per month • 250 One-Way SMS per month • SMS, Email & Direct Messaging • Workflow Automations • Cost Estimate Approval • Online Customer Service Portal • Credit Card • Payments & Invoices • Business Reports • Stock & Inventory • Basic Apple GSX integration

Task Automation

Avoid paperwork and minimize the inefficiencies caused by admin tasks. Our advanced automations ensure information flows smoothly from one module to another.

Customizable Workflows

Your repair business has unique requirements depending where you operate, your partnerships, your customers, and the repairs you do. So customize for each scenario.

Track Technician, Customer Activity

Find a repair order with ease, using customer name, email id, device or part number, and more. Each order also has the full history of the repair ticket.

Repairs Always Under Control

Your technicians should be spending most of their time on repairs. We automate all process work so that service managers and technicians can focus on the repair queue.

Take Control of Your Inventory

Get a full picture of your inventory with information that is most important to your business. It's integrated into your repair workflow, ensuring updated inventory count.

Ensure Great Customer Experience

Automate customer emails so that repair updates are sent without manual intervention. Plus, use our white-label customer portal to offer a fully online experience.


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Check-In Macros


Workflow Automation

Pick-Up Macros


Custom Macros


Batch Edit Orders

Point of Sale

Credit Card Payments


Customer Communication


One-Way SMS
Two-Way SMS


Direct Messaging

Apple GSX Integration

Apple GSX Integration

Apple Purchase Invoice Handling

Appointment Scheduler

Labor Reimbursement Handling

Consignment Stock

Inventory & Stock

Inventory Management

Stock Management

RMA Handling

Purchase Orders

Reporting & Data

Standard Reporting Module

Advanced Reporting Console

Performance Dashboard


Retail Buyback

Buyback Handling

Third-Party Buyback

via API

Contract Management

In-House Contracts

Third-Party Database Lookup

Service Portal

Repair Status Lookup

Repair Ticket Creation

Pickup & Return (Shipping)


Cost Estimate Approval

Single Option
Single Option

Financial Management

Sales Ledger

Consolidated Invoicing



End of Day Reports


Consolidated Shipping

Courier & Postal Deliveries


Language & Localization

User Interface

Single Language
Contact Sales

Customer Portal


End Customer Documentation


Templates & Snippets


Custom Translation Console




Knowledge Base


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What is Fixably?

Fixably is a repair and service management software solution. It has been built for end-to-end aftersales management, and will continue to be developed to support repair providers globally.

Our software integrates all the different aspects of aftersales service and repair in one efficient platform. It's been designed with automation as a solution to inefficiencies in the aftersales process. No more copy-pasting, or handling admin tasks manually. And you can reduce time spent per repair by as much as 35%.

Fixably has everything you need at a repair business:
Repair & Service Order Tracking
Point of Sale
Invoicing & Accounting Management
Inventory & Stock Management
Customer Management
Built-in Communication Modules (eMail, Text/SMS)
Service Contract Management
Logistics (Shipping)

We've used automations to design workflows customized for repair providers, to make repair and service efficient and profitable.We want you to focus on the repair and not the paperwork.

Why was Fixably developed?

Fixably is designed by repair business professionals. It was built for one of the largest Apple Authorized Service Providers in Europe and is now being used by aftersales businesses and repair providers in over 30 countries.

Our goal now is to become the single most comprehensive platform for all aftersales businesses, with repair providers benefiting from focus on growth and profitability. Through helping repair businesses, we want to extend the lifetime of billions of devices and strengthen the circular economy.

Can I use Fixably for my phone or computer repair shop?

Fixably can benefit any repair or service business. Our customers range from shops doing a hundred repairs a month form a single location to enterprise businesses that handle thousands of repairs from dozens of locations. We work with aftersales businesses globally, from telecom operators to OEMs.

I have a small repair business. Is Fixably for me?

Fixably is a true scalable cloud solution. But that doesn't mean that our platform is built for big business. You can use your Fixably account to manage as many repairs as you want. Our infrastructure is built to help businesses grow rapidly, but also support your profitability right now. Our plans are flexible enough to accommodate your business goals, no matter what type of aftersales services you offer.

I’m also a reseller. Can I sell products using Fixably?

Fixably is designed to be a service management platform first. However, our clients are also resellers. So Fixably has everything you'll need to run your retail business along with providing repairs. We’re not a POS (point of sale) system only, and we do meet the needs of retail locations. And we're adding more features to handle retail transactions.

You can also choose to integrate your existing POS with Fixably, as some of our customers have done. Our API documentation is open to all customers.

Do I pay more to add additional stores or service locations?

No, add as many locations and stores as you like, and the price remains the same. You can find more details on the pricing page.

Will it cost more to add users?

No, you can continue to grow your headcount without any extra costs.

Do you support third-party products and spare parts?

Our import tool allows you to import new products at any time. You can also create them within Fixably as needed. Both authorized repair providers as well as multi-brand service businesses. You can import and use parts and products from any distributor.

Do you support third-party products and spare parts?

Our import tool allows you to import new products at any time. You can also create them within Fixably as needed.

Can I access GSX using Fixably if I’m not Apple authorized?

No, you need your own credentials from Apple to use the Apple GSX integration. If you are interested in opting into one of Apple’s service programs, check this link and talk to your local Apple representative. You can read more about Apple's Global Service Exchange here. Let us know your plans, maybe we can help you!

How can I upload my price list for Apple service parts?

Tell us how to calculate your margins, and the GSX integration handles the rest in real-time to ensure you have updated parts pricing at all times. You can also set the pricing and offer fixed prices. You can even configure customer-specific margins if you want.

How do I import new Apple parts?

New Apple parts are automatically available as soon as they are available to order in GSX.

Can I manage my Apple consignment stock?

Yes! All plans at the Performance tier or higher include a stock module that allows you to create a separate stock for your Apple consignment stock.

How do I get started?

If you already know the plan you want, click “Get Started”. Or if you prefer a demo first, clicke "Book a Demo". You can also "Contact Us" with your questions, and we’ll help you with your requirements.

How much does Fixably cost?

We offer different solutions for every size of repair business. You can check out our plans on our pricing page. But you don't have to be locked into those prices if you have additional needs. You can talk to our sales team about it.

Which plan should I choose?

Our pricing is transparent. However, if you want additional features, our sales team can help you. You can mail us at sales@fixably.com or you can "Contact Us" right now.

Can I get a free trial?

Unfortunately, a free trial is currently not possible. You can always request a demo and we’ll show you how Fixably can support your business. We personalize our demos to address your business needs and answer any questions you may have.

How easy is it to get started and use Fixably?

Fixably is intuitive for aftersales and retail businesses. It's easy for beginners to follow guided workflows, but experienced employees have the choice to skip unnecessary work. As an admin, you are in control of all workflows and can build them to better serve your business needs.

What hardware do I need to use Fixably?

Tell us how to calculate your margins, and the GSX integration handles the rest in real-time to ensure you have updated parts pricing at all times. You can also set the pricing and offer fixed prices. You can even configure customer-specific margins if you want.

How do I install Fixably?

You don’t need to. It is enterprise-grade software as a service. We set up your account, you log in, and you’re up and running.

What about upgrades or updates?

We take care of that of course. We’re always looking for new ways to enhance Fixably, and you'll have access to these features at no extra costs.

Can I import customer data from my current system?

Sure! You can use the simple built-in import tool — It’s seamless, but you can also ask us to help.

Do you support multiple languages?

Your customers expect to communicate in the local language. So we try support multiple languages. And we're constantly adding new ones as well. You can decide the language for customer documentation and even set a default language customer by customer.

What integrations do you have?

We have integrations for many different modern applications. Depending on your subscription level, we also provide restful API access, which gives you versatile options to customize and integrate Fixably with your existing system.

Couldn’t find an answer you were looking for?

Please "Contact Us" and one of our experts will assist you.