How You Evaluate Computer Repair Shop Software

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The workflow of computer repair businesses can be complicated. It might not seem so when you're tracking one repair. But when it's hundreds or thousands of repairs, you need to make sure that each is managed and prioritized.

You've got to find the simplest ways to create repair tickets, track the repair (device), manage technician workloads, and deliver status reports. Plus inventory, stock, and logistics need to be integrated into this computer repair workflow. Add multiple locations, and the complexity of needs grows exponentially.

So, how do you evaluate a software solution to meet all these requirements at a computer repair shop? You're most important goal should be to deliver a great service experience, resulting in increased profits.

A Modern Computer Repair Management Solution

A repair technician works on a MacBook.
There are several advantages of using a PC repair shop software that's been designed to manage personal electronics repair, including:
1. Repair Ticket or Order Management
2. Inventory Tracking
3. Technician Management
4. Customer Management
5. Shipping & Logistics
6. Reporting & Data (financial, workflows, efficiency)
7. Invoicing & Financial Management
8. Data Import & Export
9. Open API (if you have specific integration requirements)

What You Need from Your Software

A repair technician works on a MacBook.
Let's go into more detail about what you need to keep in mind before subscribing to software for your computer repair service business.

The repair services you provide
Which devices do you repair the most? Do you a storefront, or are customers shipping devices to your repair location? Do you have to manage a retail business alongside? Are you focussed on B2C walk-in customers or are you offer managed IT services for B2B clients?
All of these will impact how you set up your computer repair service workflows. And your repair shop software needs to be able to offer enough support out of the box, while enabling you to make customizations. It's a small but important distinction between generic ticketing software and computer repair shop software.

How much effort it takes to suit your business needs
You need pre-configured workflows and specific data fields that has you up and running fast. This does not mean that you're limited to rigid ways of doing something.
The platform needs to have a familiar base that you can use immediately, but with the options to customize the things that set your business apart. This could be in the repair workflow, in the way you control inventory, billing, accounting, check-in, or any number of things.
Fixably, for example, has built-in worfkows that have been refined based on best practices. However, you're not tied to anything. You can define the specifics of device details, inventory and spare parts, customer information, and workflows using our Custom Fields.

Error-free repair tracking
At the heart of a repair and service business is the movement of the device from check-in to dispatch. That's the process that needs the most attention and management.
You need to ensure that:
1. Repair tickets are categorized so that they are handled appropriately
2. Customer and device information is attached to the repair ticket
3. The location of each device is known at any point
4. All communication with the customer is logged and attached to the right repair ticket
5. All documentation is attached to the repair ticket
6. All spare parts used are tagged to the repair ticket

Manage inventory & stock efficiently
There are a couple of important functions you want. One, you need an inventory module that is integrated into the repair tracking system. So when you use a part, it disappears from your inventory.
Two, you need to be able to edit batches of data with one or two clicks. This will save time when you have to move stock, say from one location to another. Three, you need to be able to add inventory fast. For instance, being able to use a barcode scanner to enter data.
Four, if you do not have return merchandise authorization (RMA) integration with your distributor – this could be an OEM or a third-party parts provider – you need a way to manage it as efficiently as possible. You need a system that avoids data loss to minimize errors.

Reporting, Analytics & Data
You need the software to calculate and display the metrics that assist you in making business decisions. This is not limited to financial reports. You also need information on how your repair process is performing. Who’s your best technician? What is your most profitable service offering? What services and products can you combine to create upsell opportunities?
Expanding your repair shop also requires the solution to track of the progress of your business KPIs (key performance indicators). A custom dashboard of reports that define your growth will feed you crucial information regularly.

Customer management
Service experience is just as important to profitability as repair efficiency. You need to be able to prioritize premium customers, provide regular status updates, and maintain a tone that reflects your brand. Your computer repair shop software needs to be able to store customer information as well as integrate it into the repair workflow.
Here are a couple of scenarios. Our experience shows that waiting for three or more days without an update often results in the customer being anxious. So, you should be able to set up automatic email or text notifications every time there is a major change in the status of the repair order.
Plus, you can't always rely on a technician to write down a thoughtful and conscious message to customers when there are hundreds of repair orders pending. Fixably allows you to set up pre-written messages for a specific use, and even personalize them using a number of fields or variables you have saved. This would keep all communication on brand all the time.

Automate Manual Tasks, Avoid Errors
Modern software should have automation features that come out of the box. You should be able to set up automations such that a specific action can trigger a response. This could range from custom automated messages sent to a user within your computer repair business or externally to customers or other business partners.
Let's take the example of a technician waiting for a customer to approve the cost estimate. Within Fixably, you can set it such that an email is sent to the customer after a certain waiting period. Plus, you can automate a "popup" message or email for the technician or handler as soon as the estimate is approved.

Software Built for Computer Repair Shops

Purpose-built software solutions for managing computer repairs are designed to work in a busy shop environment, and the workflows will mirror your daily operations. This makes it easier for you and your staff to get up and running.

The platform will have the features to help you complete most of your business operations with minimal manual work and copy-pasting. It's the hub for your business and the one place you can find everything you need to know about your PC repair business.
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