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Fixably Depot is tailored for efficient large-scale repair management. Ideal for repair depots with one or multiple locations, it's perfect for B2B customers and managed IT services seeking seamless, scalable solutions.

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Challenges in handling large volumes & multiple locations

Maybe you’re a centralized depot handling large volumes of devices and parts.

Perhaps you're an IT services company that works with different kinds of key partners; educational institutions, government agencies, and small businesses. Or maybe, you simply need to manage several retail and service locations.

Either way, as the complexity of your operational process increases, so does the likelihood of errors.

Our Fixably Depot solution streamlines complex workflows, reducing the potential for human error, and reducing administrative work.

In this way, we provide a seamless system to manage multiple locations, inbound, or outbound logistics with ease.

Scale repair & service processes while still offering the best customer experience.

Solutions for depot & enterprise operations

repair visibility

Worried about tracking repairs accurately?

Each device you service has a “timeline view” that records every step taken during the repair. This includes information on previous repairs completed on the same device.

Each repair is also searchable using device information (IMEI, serial number), order id, and customer information (email id, phone number). Our repair queues even identify devices that have been stuck in a particular step of the repair process.

You’ll never lose track of a device with Fixably.

b2b customer contracts

Managing complex service contracts?

Large repair operations earn more from offering service contracts and in-house warranty plans. Fixably’s service contracts feature ensures everyone is aware of warranty coverage for every device and every customer.

Plus, Fixably can organize and automate the process of working with clients who bring in multiple devices from many locations. Our “Batch Edit” feature enables you to import and work with multiple orders in one go.

Data & reporting

Unable to build relevant reports?

One Fixably account has data about all your locations and services. So you can configure our reporting modules to understand your business.

Ready-made reports

Dig deeper into everything from turnaround time to technician efficiency, parts per repair, stock and inventory use, and customer communication.

Configure your data

Fixably tracks repairs at a granular level. Want to create a dashboard that reflects your unique business? Our enterprise customers can.

economies of scale

Multiple accounts for different locations?

More locations should give you an advantage over other businesses, by being able to share resources and benefit from the economies of scale. But that should not result in fragmented sources of data and siloed accounts.

One Business, One Account

Fixably enables you to manage multiple locations from one account, letting you move resources to keep your business agile. This brings together all data and enforces uniform processes.

Transfer Resources

Sharing resources is made easy with Fixably. You can move stock & inventory, repairs, and even user access from one location to another. Expanding your business shouldn't be limited by software.

customer experience

Spending too long on customer enquiries?

Fixably is designed for your customer just as much as you. From instant warranty checkups to automated email or SMS communication, use features that improve service experience.

Customer Portal

Your business customers can use our self-service portal as a single point of contact with your service locations, from creating repair orders to tracking deliveries and transactions.

Customer Accounts

The same customer account also gives them instant access to a history of every repair you’ve completed for them. The portal, branded to your business, reflects updates in real time as well.

“By eliminating all this time wasted, sometimes hours a day in GSX, we’ve now got a much simpler process that frees up time for other areas of our business — which is immediately a time-saver, saves us tons of money and allows us to focus our time in other areas that are more profitable.”

Alexander Tylke

System Engineer & Service Manager, SCOUT IT

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