Customer Experience

Our external customer portal can be branded to match the style and feel of your repair business. It connects to Fixably, providing your customers an online service channel. You also have integrated email communication and an SMS module.

From quick and accurate estimates to consistent updates on the repair order, communication is key to customer satisfaction and business success.

White-Label Customer Portal

Modern businesses can benefit from a digital channel to offer services. Our optional white-label customer portal allows all customers to track a repair order from start to finish with only the order id required. The self-service portal allows your clients to create a repair order, print the repair note, and drop in or ship their devices to the store.

Customer Accounts that Save Time

Your customers, especially business customers, can have their own login account that keeps track of all service orders. Apart from creating orders, they can track it once the device is delivered to the shop and get real-time status updates. Customers can also communicate directly with the service agent, for example to accept or decline a cost estimate with a single click. This saves time, makes handling orders easier, and keeps customers satisfied.

Automated Email & SMS Communication

Our email and optional SMS modules integrate into the repair workflow, with both the technician and the customer able to communicate seamlessly with each other. The conversation history is easily accessible in a chronological view. Status updates can also be automated with preset snippets to maintain a uniform tone of voice. Your customers can also choose their preferred mode of communication.

Guided Self Check-In at Your Stores

You don't have to keep customers waiting in queue to check-in their devices. You can give them the option to check a device in themselves at a standalone station within your repair shop. All you need is a tablet or a computer terminal. It's a guided process so that you still get all the information you need in the format you need it.

Everything Digital, from Intake to Delivery

We can’t stress enough the change in customer behavior, from being willing to transact digitally to now expecting a fully digital customer experience. As a Fixably customer, you can manage a service order remotely from intake to delivery. This includes accepting documentation, getting approvals, providing service contracts, and more.

Offer Flexible Options Through Scheduled Appointments

Manage customer expectations and traffic by providing the ability to book a service time with any of your locations. You'll have all the details you need to provide the best possible service while the customer can cut the time spent at your shop to the minimum.

GDPR Compliance, Global Data Protection

Fixably is a SaaS solution that is built to be compliant with global data protection laws. You don’t have to worry about putting in time and effort to make our platform compliant with the local laws that govern how you store and access customer data.

Service Level Agreements & Contract Management for Your Regular Customers

Recurring customers, especially business clients, are a source of recurring revenue for you. You need to ensure they have the best experience. Our service agreement management feature ensures they have the smoothest service experience every single time. Fixably's automations can be applied to SLAs to avoid any miscommunication internally.

"The communication functions raised our CSAT (customer satisfaction) score by about 10 percent. To be able to automate that, it saved a lot of time and gained a lot of customer trust through communication."
Noah Gibson
Chief Technology Officer
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MacRent, a Premium Apple Reseller, found Fixably to be the perfect solution to manage a scaling business in Sweden.


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