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Apple GSX

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At Fixably, we work hard to improve and make our platform valuable from all perspectives. It’s not just a tool for technicians or a database to keep track of repairs. It’s everything between and around and connects the points. Fixably is an end-to-end solution to manage your repair service business.

Your Customers

It’s just as important for us that your clients benefit from the repair shop implementing Fixably

  • Timely updates — Your customers will never have to worry about being up-to-date on the status of their repairs
  • Create repairs, access history of repairs — the integrated customer portal provides all the information they want, any time and anywhere
  • Fixably’s service agreements support ensures that customers get the solutions they need

Service Manager

Be on top of KPIs

  • The entire repair workflow can be tracked on Fixably, giving you the ability to identify bottlenecks and meet your performance goals

Ensure that your repair shop achieves service excellence

  • The repair documentation process is more manageable and intuitive, reducing errors

Manage repair technicians’ workload

  • Get an overview of the repair shop to assign the best technician for each repair

Improved repair status tracking

  • Know the exact stage of every repair that’s happening in the store any time you want

Better customer engagement

  • Automate most communication with customers so that you don’t have to waste time providing manual updates on repairs

Easier inventory management

  • All records are digital and, with GSX integration you can order parts directly from Fixably


Automated workflow that minimizes manual work

  • Focus on the repairs and not on the paperwork that comes with it — let Fixably automate everything that’s not 

Manage your repair orders efficiently

  • Our custom macros ensure that you never miss out on recording essential information from the client

All your repair and service tools on one platform

  • There’s no need to switch between tools and different windows during the repair workflow — get parts and handle reporting from the same view

Master your repair and service orders

  • Never miss a message from your customer or miss a service order accidentally — a simple dashboard will list all the repairs that need your attention

Focused on Apple technicians

  • Our GSX integration is the best way to use Apple’s database within your repair workflow

Office Administrator

Easier payment processes

  • Apart from integrations with leading-edge solutions, the Fixably workflow lets you manage all payments better

One platform to manage all your tasks

  • Invoice consolidation, automated purchase invoice handling, warranty compensation check, Apple labor compensation handling — all on one platform

Efficient accounting management

  • With all financials related to repairs consolidated on one platform, managing your bookkeeping becomes an efficient process

Go digital from day one

  • Fixably is software you can access from anywhere — you’ll never have to losing access to your repair and service center financials


Improve your business profitability

  • Maximize your revenue per repair with optimized macros and smart automation

We put your customers first

  • Our integrated customer portal is an efficient communication tool, while you can use our email and SMS modules to reach out to customers

Greater control of your business

  • Our reporting tools allow you to stay on top of your repair shop, while repair workflow data gives you useful business insights

Keep up with Apple's requirements

  • Apple demands a lot of their service providers, but we keep Fixably updated so that you’re always covered

A tool your technicians will love

  • Fixably is built by repair and service professionals, and we know what features make repair work easier and efficient

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