Reporting & Data

Track repair data, revenue, and spending to make decisions that help grow your business. You can also create dashboards that give you a quick overview of all business functions, strengthening your understanding of the business.

We learned from over a million repairs logged on our platform to create an optimized repair and service management platform. We understand the value of data and what it can do for your business.

Comprehensive Data for Useful Insights

Get reports on everything within the repair workflow. Analyze performances over time and identify where your intervention is needed in easing pressures and solving problems. Apart from financial records and invoicing data, this could include reports on all aspects of your repair business like:

Types of devices

Technician workload & efficiency

Number of devices repaired

Repairs per location

Warranty vs Out-of-Warranty repairs

Financial Reporting Made Easy

Tracking and maintaining invoices is more efficient and fast with Fixably. You can identify the payment status for each repair order and each customer, or just filter out all unpaid (or paid) receipts for a specific time period or repair location. Just as important are our focussed reports on revenue, say by location or by device. Make decisions on expanding your business based on organized reports and simplified charts.

Take Control of the Repair Workflow

No one workflow is efficient for all repair businesses. Fixably’s data on all repair activity can help you modify how you handle repair and service orders to maximize efficiency. This could mean ensuring that technicians spend most of their time doing repair work or managing repair workloads to avoid employee dissatisfaction.

Beyond the Basics for Clarity

We can create custom reports for you based on the unique requirements of your business. Do you work in multiple markets with varying taxation rules? Do you need to track the value of your inventory in a specific manner? Fixably has you covered.

Sales & Purchase Ledger Automation

All your repair order accounting is automated, with the financial records available in ways that make it easy for you to track everything from repair order payments to parts purchases.

"The platform makes it very hard for you to miss a big red flag. It increased 100 percent efficiency (of) repair handling and just eased our understanding of what’s happening and what the repercussions of the actions we’re taking."
Alexander Tylke
System Engineer and Service Manager
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