'By eliminating all the time wasted managing repairs, we can free up time for other areas of our business'

A Florida-based Managed Service Provider and Apple consultant, SCOUT IT relies on Fixably to reduce the time spent per repair job and minimize workflow errors

SCOUT IT is a Florida-based repair shop, Managed Service Provider (MSP), and Apple consultant. They've built a reputation for providing IT and repair services that meet business needs, including enterprises, schools, and non-profits.

The team is proud to be recognized as Tampa Bay’s only Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP). It's a recognition of their contributions in keeping their customers successful and productive.

Founded by Nate Cinal, the company is on a mission to help customers by creating efficient technology solutions that reduce IT costs. The team has used their expertise in Apple products to support individuals and businesses in Florida for nearly a decade now.

SCOUT IT was looking for ways to ensure the quality and efficiency of the repair process. As an AASP, it was crucial to find a software solution with seamless GSX (Global Service Exchange) API integration. This would help the team optimize the time spent per repair and reduce the chances of making any mistake along the way.

Of course, we at Fixably, jumped at the chance to understand if our platform had solved the problems they were facing.

EOL – End of life

SCOUT IT employs a small but proficient team. When the business first launched, the team used spreadsheets, emails, and printouts to manage customer data and contracts. That was enough at the time. But it became more and more difficult when their client and repair volumes increased.

In 2017, driven by their AASP contract, they decided to use a GSX-integrated solution to manage their workflow. The product had a simple but adequate database, but its complex user interface and lagging integration with Apple’s GSX made using platform cumbersome. Even though they were not amazed by the results, SCOUT continued using the solution until 2019, when the old software provider decided to end their support for the essential GSX integration.

The Search

They piloted another solution in their second location, but it did not work for them; it was broad but shallow in functionality and could not handle their tasks. The team was worried about the amount of manual input needed, which would eventually lead to mistakes. They needed to ensure the quality and efficiency of the repair process.

Alexander Tylke, System Engineer and Service Manager, joined the team in 2019 as well. "As a small business, I think the issue we run into these days is that there are too many products, there’s too much software out there, that you have to switch between," he says.

"We had to go to GSX, then into our payment solution, and then to our customer database. There were too many tabs and screens; there was a big probability of errors because you had to manually copy the information. Eventually, you'd make a mistake, and it's going to cost you money."

Tylke spent months researching repair shop software in the market. He recalls his disappointment in the generic repair platforms since one of his goals was to find a solution with GSX integration. He also wanted something more user-friendly and with an "easy flow" for his team. His investigation included trying out and testing multiple software alternatives.

(We) save between 5-7 minutes per repair on GSX on average. In a repair for an insurance company, we save a lot more than that. (Fixably) makes it very hard for you to miss a big red flag. It... eased our understanding of what's happening and what the repercussions of the actions we’re taking when it comes to submitting something to GSX.

Alexander Tylke, System Engineer & Service Manager, SCOUT IT

The Solution

Tylke decided to take a critical look at the market solutions' value propositions to help him make a fully informed decision. His interest led him to book a demo with the Customer Success Manager for Fixably in the US region. The manager's vast experience in Apple service management made communication effortless right from the start.

Tylke also recalls how pleased he was when he noticed that the Customer Success Manager would be open to answer any upcoming questions and to get on a phone call anytime.

When they saw the demo and how easy a repair creation is with just three or four steps, they knew that it was precisely what they were looking for. Fixably was the only provider to meet and even exceed the team’s expectations.

The Process

Fixably provided training and support during the onboarding. Tylke remembers creating a list of questions and the Customer Success Manager answering all of them, scheduling a meeting with the entire team, and leading them through the process again.

Tylke emphasizes that Fixably’s staff was very hands-on and showed a real interest in learning about his company to help them solve their unique challenges. When the answer was not found through the platform’s support function, Fixably’s team was quick to fix it.

"If you’re having an issue during the day, you can be sure that you start your next day with confidence in terms of that problem being solved," he says.

During the onboarding process, Tylke knew he made the right decision for their growing business. He and his team got qualified help through calls and online sessions organized by Fixably’s Customer Success Manager while configuring the software to suit their preferences.

The Result

For Tylke, everything comes down to how the repair software can support the rest of the business as best as possible. Fixably has helped them find the answer.

Tylke explains: "By eliminating all this time wasted, sometimes hours a day in GSX, getting orders created in bulk for some of our clients, we’ve now got a much simpler process that frees up time for other areas of our business which is immediately a time-saver, which saves us tons of money and allows us to focus our time in other areas more profitable. My team has really found value in that the product is configurable."

Before getting Fixably, the team sat down to calculate the amount of money and resources they would be saving with the solution. It was not until then they realized that macros feature is a huge time saver. Now it’s considered as "the great game-changer."

"I would estimate that I save between five to seven minutes per repair on GSX on average. In a repair for an insurance company, we save a lot more than that. General screen repair is a little bit less." he adds.

"The platform makes it very hard for you to miss a big red flag. It increased 100 percent efficiency and repair handling and just eased our understanding of what’s happening and what the repercussions of the actions we’re taking when it comes to submitting something to GSX."

Fixably also follows monetary transactions in all ways. "Making sure that we’re billing for what we have been billed for, and vice versa has certainly added days, weeks, and months to our lives," Tylke says.

SCOUT IT has approached the Fixably team with suggestions and ideas for future updates and new features, some already delivered.

Reflecting upon the way Fixably has helped his teammates, Tylke says: "It lets them focus on their work, I think it makes it easy to see when and what things need to happen. It is clear and concise. It stops you from missing steps. It makes our work more efficient, giving us an understanding of the workflow. It is all laid out so well."

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