Enterprise Repair and Service Businesses

Fixably was Developed to Support the Complex Needs of Managing Hundreds of Repair and Service Locations with One Account.

User Management

Running a large repair business, especially with multiple locations, requires software that can clearly define what each team and employee does. Fixably's user management enables you to set permissions and workflows based on roles, making it easier for service managers and business owners.

Multiple Locations, One Account

Having multiple locations should give you an advantage over other businesses, by being able to share resources and benefit from the economies of scale. Fixably gives you the ability to manage multiple locations from one account, letting you move resources to keep your business agile.

Process Automation

Our workflows ensure that your employees, especially technicians, spend as little time on Fixably as possible, minimizing admin work and any copy-pasting as they progress through the repair. If it can be automated, we've done it. Want more customization? We can do that as well.

Business & Financial Control

Our reporting modules can be configured or customized to understand your business at a granular level. In addition, our bookkeeping features are focused on making it easy for service managers and business owners to track and control cash flow.

Happier B2B Customers

If you work with clients that bring in multiple devices from many locations, Fixably can help you organize and automate the process. Keep interactions to a minimum and ease the friction of handling large orders. You can also use our API documentation for custom integrations, like shipping.

White-Label Customer Portal

You have the option of having a white-label customer portal that gives your clients instant access to all their repair orders. Your B2B customers can use it as a single point of contact with your service locations, from creating repair orders to tracking deliveries and all transactions.

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Apple Authorized Service Providers

Fixably's All-Inclusive GSX API Integration Saves Authorized Providers Time & Cost Every Service Order.

Keep Up with Apple’s Requirements

Apple Authorized Service Providers have to meet Apple’s technical and service excellence standards. Fixably is focused on helping all authorized providers every step of the way.

Updated GSX Integration

Apple’s Global Service Exchange is the single most important platform for AASPs. We understand that our customers expect the GSX API integration to be flawless and updated to reflect any changes Apple makes.

Avoid GSX Entry Errors

The greatest benefit of having GSX integrated into your repair and service management software is never having to worry about transferring data between the two. All information is automatically and accurately filled in for each service order.

Customer Satisfaction & Service Excellence

We care about your customer just as much as you do. From instant warranty checkups to automated email or SMS communication, you have access to all the features you need to keep your service excellence scores high.

Automate Labor Reimbursements

We've used the GSX integration to help you know exactly how much you're owed for labor every month instantly. Authorized providers can save days of work hours every month.

Optimize Technician Work

Apple reimburses you for technician time spent on repairs. Automate admin tasks and paperwork so that technicians focus on repairs. Our reporting module also helps you track and improve their work.

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Independent Repair Shops

Use Enterprise-Grade Software to Keep Your Customers Happy and Improve the Number of Repairs Technicians can Handle.

Repair Management

It doesn't matter if you specialize in smartphones or laptops, Apple or Samsung, Fixably is flexible enough to manage a unique workflow for any device you want. Never lose a device or delay a repair because the repair queue caused confusion.

Offer the Best Customer Experience

Fixably automates customer communication so that no message or update is ever missed. Each order has a record of all actions taken and all messages sent and received so that you know the status of every repair to the latest update.

Do More in the Same Time

The repair workflow has repetitive tasks that can be automated by Fixably. Any data that you capture is saved for future use — no more copying and pasting. No more having to manually track inventory or parts attached to a repair. There's much more we can do for you.

Save Effort Managing Your Books

You spend hours managing your accounting books. Our bookkeeping features are built for repair and service businesses so that all the data that you need to track are available immediately. You'll have to worry less when you have to pay a vendor or get paid.

Self-Service Portal

A self-service portal is an essential part of a retail business. Our white-label customer portal gives your customers the ability to create service orders, track repair updates, and have a history of all their transactions.

Scalable Solution

You might be a single-location business right now, but demand for repair services is growing. With Fixably, you'll be ready for any growth your business sees without having to compromise on service quality.

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Repair and Service Business Franchise

Keeping Financial and Business Control Over Franchisee Repair Shops is Made Easy with Fixably's Ability to Scale and Work for Large Organizations.

Ensure Standardization

Your investment in approving franchises provides returns only when the service center uses the tools you provide and maintains the same standards your brand is known for. With Fixably, the flow of data and information is automated so that you can maintain the standards you want.

Share Resources

Fixably can be the tool that allows you to seamlessly share resources — the supply chain. inventory, standardized workflows, training, branding tones — on one platform. You can use one account for all franchises or use a central account to handle any number of franchisee accounts.

Instant Access to Reports

Fixably can provide customized reports on both business performance and financials so that you never miss out on data needed to make management decisions. All numbers are updated in real-time so you are one step ahead of your competition.

The value of your brand is priceless, and is dependant on every repair and service franchise meeting the standards you've set.
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University Campus Stores

Our Intuitive Repair Management Software is Perfect for University Repair Shops that Rely on Student Technicians and Part-Time Workers.

Grow Beyond Your University

With Fixably, managing repairs is efficient enough for you to expand beyond your university. Lower turnaround times and manage more tickets without hiring more technicians.

Easy User Interface

The platform is easy to navigate even for users who are not familiar with the repair business. Fixably is intuitive and training your employees will need minimal effort and time.

User Management

Part-time student techs and employees are in and out of your repair shop every year, but our easy user management system ensures you keep total control of your business.

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In-House Service Departments

With Fixably, In-house Repair and Maintenance Teams can Reduce Turnaround Time to Ensure Minimal Disruption to Their Organization.

Service Management

Set the repair workflow to meet your organization's needs and save time with every completed service. You can ensure technician time is used effectively and the right service orders are prioritized to minimize disruptions within your company.

Data for Your Management Team

Your management and finance teams can get instant access to data to meet reporting or accounting needs. Plus, you can automate the creation of customized reports to save your IT team time and effort.

API Integrations

Our detailed API documentation gives you the ability to plug Fixably into any resource management, accounting, or HR software you're using to track devices in use by employees. You don't have to keep device maintenance isolated from other company platforms.

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