Point of Sale

Your customers matter the most, which is why solutions that ease customer interactions, especially over the counter, are crucial.

Ease of Use for Your Service Business

Non-technicians will have a simple step-by-step process to follow when receiving units at a location, ensuring you maintain control of the process. This results in fewer human errors and happier customers.

Everything Your Service Business Needs

A repair order remains open as long as payment is due, and you have the option of choosing from multiple modes of payment (cash, credit card, debit card, cash on delivery for shipping, Apple Care for warranty, and more). There’s an option to differentiate deposits as well.

Flexible Invoice & Receipt View

Fixably also lets you list all receipts and invoices in a simple view, that can then be exported to an external system. You can also sort receipts by payment methods, repair shop location, or a specific time period, while invoices can be filtered to show paid or unpaid invoices. If you have an accounting integration in place, the data can be automatically exported.

The Future is Near

Fixably is always working on improving customer experience. This extends to improving the functionalities of our Point of Sale system.

"We grew over 400 percent in five months. We realized that our old service system wasn’t really suitable for scaling. To get to the fundamentals, Fixably is a powerful tool. The stuff that you guys are doing that we don't even see and can recognize, you know — like all the transitions with APIs and such — those things are invaluable for us. It's a really great system."
Noah Gibson
Chief Technology Officer
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