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Fixably Repair is integrated with Apple Global Service Exchange (GSX) so that you can create & manage authorized repairs from within our software.

Challenges for AASPs

Apple demands high service standards at your AASP. But there are everyday tasks that often cost you in a business where even small errors cut into margins.

Optimizing workflows can help, but the best solution is repair management software that’s integrated with Apple GSX.

We know this because we work with over a hundred AASPs globally.

What if your technicians didn’t have to rely on Apple GSX to manage repairs? Or if you could automate customer communications to improve CSAT scores?

Avoid copy-pasting, meet service requirements, and improve CSAT.

Solutions for Apple service providers

workflow automation

Copying & pasting repair data on Apple GSX?

Our GSX API integration enables you to create, track, and update GSX orders from within Fixably, almost eliminating your need to use Apple’s GSX portal.

No more copy-pasting, no more data entry errors. Your technicians and service managers can focus on the repairs.

apple's repair software requirements

Ready for an Apple audit right now?

Our repair management platform has been designed to meet Apple’s database requirements. Fixably captures repair information and customer data just how Apple wants it.

You can get the data you need for an Apple audit any time you want, instantly.

customer experience

Stressed about keeping up CSAT scores?

Fixably is designed for your customer just as much as you. From instant warranty checkups to automated email or SMS communication, you have access to all the features you need to keep your service excellence scores high.

Customer Portal

Your customers can track their repairs without having to contact you, using Fixably’s self-service portal.

Automate SMS, eMail

Set up automated SMS & email responses to improve efficiency, and save the time technicians spend on admin tasks.

Global service exchange api updates

Struggling to keep up with GSX API Changes?

Apple’s Global Service Exchange is the single most important platform for AASPs. We understand that our customers expect the GSX API integration to be flawless and updated to reflect any changes Apple makes.

Faster Development

We're in touch with Apple to ensure that Fixably's GSX integration is always up-to-date. Our development team has consistently been ahead of Apple's deadlines.

More Features

Fixably assesses and adds new API capabilities so that our GSX integration remains the most comprehensive one available on the market for authorized providers.

Apple reimbursements

Checking Labor Reimbursements manually?

We've used the GSX integration to create a report that matches Apple’s repair records and yours. This report identifies any mismatches and tells you how much you’re owed for labor. Authorized providers can save days every month.

Apple Labor Reimbursements

Apple reimburses you every month for labor on warranty repairs. For European AASPs, Apple sends a ‘Bill & Bill Purchase Order’ via email. In North America, AASPs get this information directly from GSX. We've combined these to create a report that identifies any mismatches in what you were expected to earn.

Purchase Invoices

We’ve combined our record of repair invoices and invoices from GSX for products to create a report that highlights any mismatches in what the part is costing you versus what you’re earning from it.

“Fixably has reduced our IT costs by 50% and increased our technician performance and efficiency by 40%. Over the years, they’ve continued to add and develop new features that have enabled us to continue to grow and meet our business needs, while also providing better customer experience.”

Tomas Lindgren

After-Sales Manager, Telia Sweden

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