Inventory & Stock

Fixably offers a stock module that has flexible features to help you organize and control your inventory in a way that is most useful for your repair and service business.

Keep it simple and use a single stock for all sales, or use multiple stocks to track different parts and devices. Multiple locations? No problem. We cover all your requirements. Track all stock from order to sale.

Efficient & Intuitive Stock Control

The stock and inventory module provides full control of your inventory, with a great overview of your stocks. You can automate processes to make sure all inventory is accounted for, and to keep in-house stocks at the correct level. This gives you an accurate idea of the funds tied to inventory.

Use Barcodes to Receive and Identify Parts Quickly

You can process the receipt of parts, use information such as serial numbers, and update any repair orders that need the parts. In addition, scan barcodes to add parts instantly to your stock.

Consignment Stocks Management

Fixably makes it easier to handle consignment stocks, ensuring you maintain the required levels of parts or products.

Take Control of Your Stock Planning Right Now

Get a full picture of your stock and inventory with information that is most important to your repair and service business.

Inventory & Stock in Simplified Views

You can always get a complete picture of your inventory. The same view allows you to adjust the data attached to each product, including pricing, serial numbers, ledger codes and so much more. We also record all the changes that are made so that you have the necessary historical information.

Basic stock and inventory view for repair shops within the Fixably platform.

Accurate Timelines of Your Stock Changes

Fixably keeps a log of the changes made to individual parts, products, and all stock. This lets you know what changes were made — price, sales tax, manufacturer, product data, which user made the changes, and when the changes were made. There’s nothing like accurate data to ensure you have the control of your business.

Stock logs with product codes and other relevant information for repair shop owners.

Transfer Parts between Stocks, Locations

With our stock transfer feature, users can transfer inventory items from one stock to another, or make inventory adjustments. Once again, Fixably maintains an accurate and complete paper trail of all changes that are made.

A view of history of stock transfers between repair locations within Fixably.
"All of the features that were listed on the Fixably website already were things that excited me. And then, once we got into the live demo, I was like, this is heaven right now for us to be able to do the things that we really need to do. (We) understood that it was very customizable and codeable."
Jada Tate
General Manager
Tate Computer Systems
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