Multi-Brand Authorized Repair

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Fixably Repair allows you to meet major OEM requirements, through workflow automation and a great service experience.

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Multi-Brand Repair Challenges

Servicing multiple brands, especially if you’re an authorized service provider, brings together different — sometimes inflexible — workflows.

And this can become difficult to manage, especially if you’re trying to build an in-house solution.

Fixably’s repair management workflows are designed to track repairs in a way that meets the requirements of major OEMs such as Apple and Samsung. You get a unified repair management system, while using data from the likes of Apple GSX and Samsung iGSPN.

Track repairs. Harmonize workflows. Keep efficiency at the forefront.

Solutions for multi-brand repairs

repair efficiency

Need greater control of processes?

Automate what you can, control the rest.

  • We’ve placed controls to minimize changes to your preferred process.
  • You can be sure that a technician running a repair through Fixably will follow the right workflow for each device.
  • We’ve also automated parts of the work, to ensure that your employees, especially technicians, spend as little time on Fixably as possible.
  • Reduced admin work and copy-pasting results in higher quality and fewer errors.
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CUSTOMER experience

Customer service proving difficult?

Being an authorized provider puts greater pressure on you to meet manufacturer-level customer expectations.

  • Fixably automates customer communication so that no message or update is ever missed.
  • Each order has a record of all actions taken and all messages sent and received so that you know the latest updates on any repair.
  • Our self-service portal gives your customers the ability to create service orders, track repair updates, and have a history of all their transactions in one place.
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OEM repairs

Working with too many software tools?

Fixably integrates with the two largest smartphone manufacturers in the world: Apple and Samsung.

OEM integrations

Samsung-authorized providers can use our iGSPN integration, while AASPs have access to our GSX integration.

Unified repair data

Fixably integrations give you one platform with all repair data, in-warranty and out-of-warranty.

repair workflows

Need to standardize repair workflows?

Never lose a device or delay a repair because the repair queue caused confusion.

Flexible workflows

Fixably can be configured flexibly to manage a unique workflow for any device or manufacturer you want.

Repair queues

You can set up separate queues for manufacturers and devices, with automations and workflows for each.

“Fixably is a powerful tool. The things you’re doing that we don't even see and can recognize — like all the transitions with APIs and such — those things are invaluable for us. We could have never handled all the repairs that we're doing today without Fixably.”

Noah Gibson

CTO of MacRent

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