The Cost of Bad Data: Losing Track of Communications

The Cost of Bad Data: Losing Track of Communications

In the final part of this three-part series, we look at why it's important for a repair and service business to consider all paperwork and communication with customers as useful data.

Data usually means spreadsheets, reports, and graphs for most businesses. But all information is data.

At a repair and service business, it’s important to consider all paperwork and communication with customers as useful, actionable data.

Imagine having the ability to filter all the issues associated with all iPhones you’ve ever repaired? It would be a good starting point to understand what kinds of repairs come your way and how you can improve your processes.

Plus, some of this information is a legal necessity in most parts of the world. So you need the ability to track and access some of this information in an instant.

How Fixably Helps

  • Our email and optional SMS modules integrate into the repair workflow, with both the technician and the customer able to communicate with each other.
  • Simple repair status updates can also be automated with pre-written snippets to maintain a uniform brand. Plus, it reduces that communication to a one or two clicks in Fixably. For instance you can set it up such that every time a technician creates a cost estimate, the email is automatically sent to the customer based on a template you’d set up.
  • You don't have to keep customers waiting in line to check-in their devices. All you need to provide is a tablet or a computer terminal. It's a guided process so that you still get all the information you need in the format you need it.
  • Use our customer portal to move the whole process online. Customers can create a repair online and ship the devices to you. They can then track the status of the repair with just the repair order number.
  • Your larger customers can create accounts via the customer portal as well. This would give them access to every single repair you’ve ever done for them.

Communication is not only what your business tells your customers. Internal communication also helps keep processes on track.

Our repair view is designed to be a timeline of events. Everything that was ever done with regards to a repair is available in one continuous view.

In addition, you can filter the various kinds of tasks so that you can go through all emails and messages in sequence.

The timeline also has a record of all ‘Notes’  one of your staff attaches to a repair. We have created default tags for issue description, diagnosis, resolution information, and any sales information.

A technician can also use an open note to describe anything else in detail.

These notes are filterable by all of these tags. These tags can then be used to create reports. For instance, you can use any of these tags in association with a specific kind of device or technician to create a report.

Service Contracts

B2B customers, like school districts, universities, or small businesses, can be profitable customers for Apple authorized providers. What’s better than have repeat business and maybe even a monthly or annual retainer.

This also means you need to take care of them better.

Our service agreement management feature gives your biggest clients the smoothest service experience every single time. Fixably's automations can be applied to SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to prioritize these repairs and avoid any miscommunication internally.

You can use the same feature to offer upgraded or extended warranty for a specific line of devices. Apply SLAs to any device under extended warranty and your techs will be notified every time it comes in for service.

“The communication functions raised our CSAT (customer satisfaction) score by about 10 percent or so,” says Noah Gibson, CTO, MacRent. “To be able to automate that, it saved a lot of time and gained a lot of customer trust through communication.”

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