Apple GSX Integration

Fixably’s Apple GSX API Integration allows you to create and manage Apple repairs from within the platform. You’ll no longer have to switch between software or manually copy and paste data when creating a repair order.

Developed for Apple Authorized Service Providers

Global Service Exchange is Apple’s single service, repair, and authorized parts management tool. It is essential for Apple Authorized Service Providers and is part of every service order completed by an AASP.

Create repairs

Order parts

Access live databases

Instant service & warranty lookups

Search & bookmark articles within Fixably

Initiate diagnostics

Smart Integration Built for AASPs

We know how Apple Authorized Service Providers operate. This expertise is put to good use in developing a GSX integration that fits into your repair workflow. For example, you can enter the device serial number and Fixably will access the GSX database to return the warranty status of the device. In addition, you also get a list of parts that can be ordered for the device. Such optimized workflows ensure that customer communication is clear and expectations are managed.

Apple GSX (Global Service Exchange) integration features within Fixably.

Updated GSX API Integration

Our developers keep track of all changes that Apple makes to the Global Service Exchange API, so that our customers will never have to experience downtime or accommodate for delays in accessing GSX via Fixably.

Appointment Scheduler

Our Apple Appointment Scheduler integration helps you manage online appointments from within Fixably. Orders are created automatically for each appointment, with details — customer name, email id, phone number, device, issue note, and so on — provided by GSX. This means short check-in times and happier customers. You can also manage cancellations and rescheduled appointments from the same repair ticket.

Apple Appointment Scheduler view in Fixably for Apple Authorized Service Providers.

Labor Reimbursement Handling

If you’ve ever spent time calculating how much Apple owes you for warranty repairs, our labor reimbursement feature will save you considerable time. It’s automated, fast, and accurate to ensure that your AASP is paid on time.

Integrate GSX into the Repair Order

All of this means that our GSX integration is designed to make your repair workflow efficient for everyone involved, especially technicians. All designated users can access GSX from each repair order and the specifics of any action taken, say by a technician, will be documented within the same view for your reference. It's the best available GSX integration for Apple Authorized Service Providers.

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"By eliminating time wasted, sometimes hours a day in GSX, getting orders created in bulk for some of our clients, we’ve now got a much simpler process that frees up time for other areas of our business, which saves us tons of money and allows us to focus our time on other, more profitable areas."
Alexander Tylke
System Engineer and Service Manager
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