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Repair Order 

Track repairs from intake to delivery on one platform to ensure increased efficiency, lower turnaround times, and improve customer satisfaction. Use our intuitive repair workflow or configure one that suits your business.

Manage All Users, Multiple Locations

Fixably offers you full control, letting you set specific rights for employees, vendors and customers — both individual and corporate — with ease. In addition, you can track multiple locations within the same account, with each having a separate repair queue.

Track Employee, Vendor, Customer Activity

Find a repair order with ease, using customer name, email id, device or part number, and more. Each order also has the full history of the repair ticket.

Manage Multiple Users, Bulk Orders from Corporate Clients

It’s easy to manage corporate clients by connecting all related users to one company, streamlining the process from intake to billing.

All Your Repair Shop Locations on One Platform

Use one Fixably account to manage multiple locations. Develop insights on the business as a whole while keeping location-specific operations separate.

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Maintain an Organized Repair Queue

Our intuitive user interface lets repair shop owners, service managers, and technicians get a clear view of all repair jobs in queue. This ensures that all orders are tracked, assigned on time, and completed without delay.

A Workflow Build on Experience

Our features have been designed based on over one million repair jobs logged on Fixably. You get to benefit from a workflow that has been tested by repair shops all over the world.

Repair Orders Always Under Control

Our repair queues are designed to give you a view of important repair order information. Know if a device has been assigned for repair, which technician is on it, how long it’s been in service, and more.

All Repair Information in One View

All information on a repair order is visible in a single, continuous view that lets everyone from service managers to technicians and service representatives look up the data they need.

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Minimize Manual Work, Eliminate Errors

Our 'macros' — a guided workflow for important repeated tasks — help even new users create and manage a repair order without making a mistake. Fixably also autofills information that’s already in the system, for example, to generate a pre-filled consumer law document.

Process Automation Avoids Repetitive Tasks

Your technicians should be spending most of their time on repairs. We automate all process work so that service managers and technicians can focus on the repair queue.

Enter Data Once, Add to Any Repair Order

We ensure that you have to input data like device and customer information just once. This data is attached to each repair order and can even be saved for repeat customers.

Maintain an Error-Free Workflow

Macros are built-in checklists to ensure that anyone can follow a business process. Enterprise customers also have access to custom macros.

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Shipping Integrations to Increase
Your Repair Shop's Reach

Fixably has integrations with major logistics companies so that you can ship repaired devices and track it more efficiently. Our unified view of all shipments will give you real-time updates on which orders are still waiting to be picked up, ensuring that customers face no delays due to an oversight at your repair shop. Our API integrations will let you request a shipment, prepare the order correctly, and print format-controlled labels from the same UI.

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“Most of the time, there was extra admin work when doing repairs. Technicians want to do technical work. They want to repair a unit, they want to order parts. They really don't want to mess around with the (repair management) system. It has to be quick and fast. And the system we had wasn’t quick and fast. We rapidly found that the time spent in the system to be significantly lower with Fixably.”
Sven Busselot
Operational Services Manager
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Read more about how Sven and Switch used Fixably to cut substantial amounts of time per repair.


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