About us

Where we started from

We are repair technicians. We always have been. While working as Apple repair guys, we noticed that as the business grew it was also more complicated. When a repairman sees a problem, he tries to fix it. That’s what we set out to do and Fixably is our answer.

A problem is just the first half of a solution

We saw that technicians were spending way too much time on the process of handling a repair job. We wanted to make the whole system easier. Fixably is designed to help technicians get to problems faster, so they can solve them faster. We’ve automated almost everything, apart from the actual work on the devices

Each user has the knowledge of all

The knowledge of 1,000,000+ repair jobs is coded into Fixably. And with every new job, processed anywhere where in the world, this knowledge makes us all smarter. Our software autofills and makes relevant suggestions based on previous repairs to similar devices. This saves technician’s time, and makes them smarter. Which is pretty cool, since they’re quite smart to begin with.

People, purpose, planet, and profit.

We value all people as we value our family and co-workers. Our purpose is to encourage repairability and extend the lifetime of 1 billion devices. Profitable long-term business can only thrive when it is well aligned with the surrounding world.

Any questions or need help getting started?

Hundreds of happy repair service teams use our solution daily.