Refurbishment and Recommerce

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Fixably Refurb is the first proper purpose-built OS for the refurbished sector — enabling businesses big and small to run data-driven recommerce operations straight out of the box.

Challenges in recommerce

The recommerce industry is quickly becoming more complex, as the demand for refurbished devices continues to rise.

Despite this growth, most businesses involved in repairing, refurbishing and reselling electronics continue to rely on a combination of spreadsheets, in-house solutions and general purpose ERPs to manage their operations.

These nonspecific solutions lead to operations being run in a suboptimal way, hampering businesses’ ability to scale up and stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive environment.

Boost performance, scale up your refurb business, and prioritize customers.

Solutions for refurbishment operations

cases module

Want greater visibility over each step of the refurb process?

Prevent manual errors and capture key data for up-to-date reporting using simple task lists.

  • Ensure that technicians are as efficient as they can be with task lists that streamline the refurbishment process based on predefined workflows.
  • This way, you will be able to monitor real-time progress on every recommerce stage: from sourcing and device arrival, to inspection, price adjustment, refurbishment, repair, and sales.
Someone working in a warehouse with boxes and metal shelves in the background.
CUSTOMERs module

Need to improve customer experience?

You can maintain customer details and easily find information about devices (or batches of devices) that you have sold to or bought from different accounts.

  • You can even filter between B2B and B2C contacts to act faster on customer communications, and provide a better experience for your customers and partners.
  • Tracking return rates and reasons in Fixably is straightforward and helps you reduce costly returns and repairs as well as improve quality throughout the process.
reports module

Tired of inaccurate reporting and guesswork?

Most refurbishers don’t know what is and isn’t working for their businesses, due to a lack of reliable data, systematic reporting, and solid data management practices. This uncertainty can critically impair decision-making when it matters the most.

Ready-made reports

All the data you need for effective decision-making is always available in ready-made reports.

Business analytics

Analyzing essential business metrics is simple, whether it’s sales, margins, pricing, rotation times, or stock value.

Batch RMA templates

Drive efficiencies with batch RMA templates that you can easily share with suppliers to negotiate better sourcing terms.

Precise data points

Identify bottlenecks with data on technician performance, top/bottom performing devices, and time spent in each status.

stock module

Devices spending too much time in stock?

Refurbishing is a time-sensitive business model and delays can easily eat into your profit margins.

Stock management

Visualize all the devices waiting to be sold along with their purchasing price, stock age, final grading, and applicable taxation scheme (EU).

Stock age tracking

Understanding how long each device has spent in your pipeline overall means you can prevent devices from being stuck or lost.

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