'Over 50 percent of our customer communication is now automated, especially for business customers'

'Over 50 percent of our customer communication is now automated, especially for business customers'

Green, an Apple Authorized Service Provider in Denmark, had the same problems that many AASPs have with Apple GSX — it’s not user-friendly

Green is an Apple Authorized Service Provider in Denmark, and the result of several years worth of experience in repairing and selling electronic devices.

“We started as mobile repair, but in the very beginning there weren’t so many repair possibilities,” says Ravi Holst, the co-founder of Green.dk.

They started by selling refurbished devices, but moved on from this to repairs soon after. Ravi explains: “We were not authorized (by Apple) when we first started the business. We learnt how to do repairs and run the business on the job. By 2019 we had ten stores.”

Apple authorization, to Ravi and his business partners, seemed the logical next step.

“It was at the same time that we thought about becoming an AASP because we had the experience,” he adds. “It took a long time, and many meetings. COVID lockdowns pegged us back, but eventually we got the authorization. That's our story.”

Being an AASP and Finding the Right Software

Ravi and his team have now been in the repair and refurb business for nearly 15 years, having started straight out of high school. “We ordered inventory from China and learned to fix things using our own phones,” explains Ravi.

They then approached experienced technicians, put in the time, and got the certifications necessary to build a successful repair business.

“Apple authorization was about leveling up and credibility,” he adds. “We told Apple that we had this vision about building a shop that provides a great customer experience. We also wanted it to be a space where we could sell accessories as well as refurbished devices to customers.

“It was part of our corporate social responsibility, being environment-friendly and supporting customers to do the same in a physical store. Of course, repair still remains our main business.”

This vision would require a software solution that could support it.

“We couldn’t find a solution back then (before Apple authorization) for customer management, invoicing, and workflow management. So we decided to make our own. And we used so many hours to fix stuff, hiring two or three developers.

“We spent a lot of money over four years to build a system that could be used to sell accessories, buy devices, track historical data about devices, and so on.

“But when we became an AASP, we realized this system wasn't compatible with what we needed for GSX (Global Service Exchange).

“This is when we saw Fixably. However, at that point, we didn't actually have access to GSX. We had the signature from Apple, and the contract was signed. But we hadn’t started using GSX.

“We had to trust Fixably.”

Green had the same problems that many AASPs have with Apple GSX — it’s not user-friendly.

“When you go into GSX, it isn't easy to find information that we normally use,” says Ravi. “For instance, say how long the warranty on a device is or the status of its AppleCare pla. Plus, Danish laws have certain requirements about warranty. And you can’t write to customers directly in this system (GSX) to clarify things.

“There are so many things you just can't do (using Apple GSX platform). The best alternative was Fixably.”

Keeping the Focus on Customer Service

Their experience in the electronics industry told Ravi that providing good customer service was going to be an important part of succeeding as an AASP.

“We have customers calling us, texting or emailing us when they can’t get to the store,” he explains. “I have to do the same if I'm at the office and I need an update for a customer.

“I have to ask the technician about the status of a repair. So it is incredibly helpful to have a system through which customers can interact with a technician or see the latest update from Apple (via GSX), say if a spare part has been dispatched.”

Fixably’s focus has always been on automating as much of the day-to-day admin work. This idea extends to customer communication as well.

“I think over 50 percent of our customer communication is now automated using Fixably, especially for business or B2B customers.”

The switch to automated emails and texts further improves customer communication, and supports a key part of Green’s vision — to be more environmentally sustainable as a business.

“We also love the option to send the receipt via email or an SMS because we want to save paper if possible. It has been way easier to contact customers and we can even use standard text snippets and templates to save time.”

Taking Advantage of Daily Automations

On a regular day, Ravi makes sure to go into the store to ensure that every part that’s delivered is added to stock.

It’s also a task that Fixably makes much easier.

“I think it helps us that we can scan products and it gets added to stock in Fixably. It's especially useful with Apple parts because of the GSX integration.

“With Fixably’s automation, we scan a serial number and the software attaches the part to the order. I sometimes forget how smart the system is.”

The check-in process is similarly made better with the same feature. “A customer can come in and you can check the device, create an order, and send an email in under three minutes. That’s quite a smart feature.”

It reminds him of one of the fundamental aspects about a good system.

“Back in the day, the best webshop was the one that helps a customer buy something with the fewest possible clicks,” he says. “This is the same.

“And it's not only about stock, it's also while selling something. Let's say a customer comes in to pick up their iPhone and wants a tempered glass and a cable. We can scan the barcode for the cable. It's done. Or we can search for it in Fixably. It’s done. The customer doesn't have to wait.”

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