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Smart Workflows
Apple GSX
Fixably Payments™
Check-in takes less than 1 minute


Broken device
Camilla Customer
27 April
12:00 GMT +2
E-signature with Fixably Paperless™
Camilla has a broken iPhone display, the insurance company asks her to log in on the repair shop website
Apple Appointment Scheduler Integration
Apple GSX
Repair order created
Apple GSX Check warranty coverage and product information
Apple GSX
Device information added
VMI completed
Confirmation sent to customer by SMS / email
Customer adds information
Order received
Andrew Agent
27 April
12:00 GMT +2
Deposit received with Fixably Payments™
Andrew created new order from template
Apple GSX
Check-in macro completed
Smart Workflows
Advanced workflow management
Automatic service queue prioritized
Configurable step-by-step workflows


Check in a repair order with all necessary data in less than one minute

  • Automatically schedule an appointment through Apple Appointment Scheduler
  • Get an eSignature with Fixably Paperless™
  • Check warranty coverage, FMI, and product information directly from Fixably UI via GSX integration
  • Send out automatic status updates to the customer by email and SMS
All users, even when new to your repair business, can check in devices without errors using Fixably
Cost estimate delivered in 1 minute


Service Order assigned
Tessa Technician
27 April
12:05 GMT +2
Check coverage – FMI
Apple GSX
GSX Initiate diagnostics
Apple GSX
Inventory module
List parts
Most used parts automatically listed
Show stock availability
Choose parts
Choose the right comptia codes
Confirmation sent to customer by SMS / email
Customer adds information
Send a cost estimate with a few clicks
Status updated automatically
Technician notified


Create and send a cost estimate in less than one minute

  • Quick access to testing environment
  • Access all diagnostics information without leaving Fixably UI
  • Find the right parts quickly and always get the pricing right
  • Send cost estimate to the client for approval with just a few clicks
Technicians get to handle more repairs while Fixably keeps track of everything else that needs to be done
Create a GSX repair in less than 10 seconds
Auto CLC form completion


Service Order assigned
Sam Specialist
27 April
12:15 GMT +2
Initiate GSX repair
Apple GSX
2-click process to create GSX order
Automatic ordering from Apple
Automatic document delivery to GSX
Status updated automatically
Automatic customer messaging
Status update sent to customer by SMS
Receive ordered parts
Inventory module
Status updated automatically
Technician notified
This is when the real 'magic' happens
A repair technician repairing Apple computer
Final test and report
Status updated automatically
Status update sent to customer by SMS
All the repair data you need in a single view


There's no need to copy and paste repair data while reviewing the repair ticket and ordering parts from GSX, ensuring error-free repairs

  • GSX repair creation in less than 10 seconds
  • Control and verify any information delivered forward
  • Build custom tasks to prevent errors in creating GSX repairs
  • Upload and auto create necessary documents effortlessly (E.g. CLC form)
Reduce turnaround time and improve customer satisfaction, while technicians and other employees work more efficiently

Purchases, sales, revenues, profits all under control.


Online payment, cash, billing
Automatic integration to accounting
Sell products, give discounts
Manage client discounts
Send financials to your accounting system through API / integrations


With the help of Fixably, you have complete control of your cash flow

  • Take payments effortlessly
  • Multiple inventories with availabilities, pricing, client-based discounts and more
  • Send financials to your accounting system through API integrations
  • Manage client-based data and always charge the right party
Sell more services, products, and service contracts to provide more value for clients and increase profits for your business
Supplier invoices validated and reconciled automatically


Automated supplier invoice validation

Validate and reconcile months' worth of purchase invoices in just a few minutes. We've automated the process so that you are notified of deviations between what's ordered and what's invoiced. Just sit back and relax and let Fixably do the hard work for you.

Fixably Reports User Interface

Get warranty labor right

If you have ever spent time checking labor reimbursements manually, you’ll appreciate our automated reconciliation of the compensation you should expect from the warranty work you’ve performed.

Smarter Repairs User Interface

Keep track of KPIs and Service Excellence

Whether you are looking for a consolidated dashboard or accurate reporting, we have built functionalities to fit the modern-day needs of running a data-driven business. Take insightful decisions and grow your business based on all your data.

Fixably Automation User Interface

The Future

The future is here, today.

Let us show how you can upgrade your repair business with us.

Robotic process automation (RPA)
Intelligent workflows
Self-service portal
Multilingual communication tools
Comprehensive integrations
Customizable tasks
Service Contracts
Tax handling
Labor reimbursement
Purchase invoice validation
Product shortcuts
… and more to launch your business into the future of the repair and service industry.

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