Proven Tactics to Unlock Your Used Device Sales Potential

Proven Tactics to Unlock Your Used Device Sales Potential

Companies engaged in refurbishing used electronics are well aware of the intricate challenge that comes with orchestrating efficient device sales across various channels — and yet, this is a crucial factor to ensure long-term success in the refurbishment space.

Here are some of the key challenges that you may run into as a pre-owned device reseller, and a few strategies that you can utilize to overcome them.

Multi-Channel Listing and Delisting

One of the very first problems that refurbishment businesses have to face as they start to grow is having to list devices in different sales channels manually. It’s easy to make mistakes and lose track of time when you are switching back and forth between several online channels.

Later, when a sale happens, unlisting devices from each platform can be a real headache. If not done properly, the same device might end up being sold two times in two different channels without there being enough units in stock to fulfill the two orders.

The key to solve this issue lies in setting up a robust integration with sales channels of your interest. This is something that we’ve put at the forefront of our brand-new sales module, which will soon be added to the Fixably Refurb software package.

Fixably Refurb offers a seamless integration with multiple sales channels, automating your listing and delisting processes. This saves our customers time, and ensures that their customers will enjoy a hiccup-free experience.

A preview of features related to the new sales module in Fixably Refurb - for illustration purposes only.

Dealing with A Diverse Range of Products

Keeping track of all the products that you have in stock is inherently chaotic, unless you have created a well-structured product catalog that you can use to group and differentiate products easily.

The backbone of Fixably Refurb’s sales management system is one such product catalog. Carefully constructed categories and product groups enable streamlined organization and better tracking of devices you’re selling.

In addition, our sales module allows you to use customizable product tags that you can use to categorize products in your stock with further flexibility and granularity. For example, you can mark a batch of products as reserved for physical retail location, a particular B2B customer or an online sales channel.

Up-to-Date Stock Management

Maintaining accurate stock records is a common source of trouble for refurbishment businesses. In this context, errors can directly lead to financial losses.

Our sales module provides you with a clear and organized view of your stock, ensuring you have full control over your products. By default, you can choose between three stock views: devices in stock, listed in specific marketplaces, and those yet to be published. 

Furthermore: as you manage devices on a case by case basis, your stock page will be updated in real time, optimizing your workflow.

Getting the Most Out of Sales Analytics

At the end of the day, gaining insights into your sales performance and trends can be challenging, especially if the main resource that you can count on are spreadsheets that need to be created and updated manually.

Having to maintain such files manually can prevent you from being able to make informed business decisions at the right time. It also leaves more room for human errors, which could point you in the wrong direction.

Insights from our sales module are fed into Fixably Refurb’s robust analytics tools. This results in out-of-the-box sales reports that provide you with invaluable data about the performance of individual devices, device types, and device groups, which you can use to optimize your sales strategy and identify growth opportunities.

Plus, you can easily download a report detailing sales performance within a given period - which you can then share with relevant stakeholders, such as your financial team, reducing the time you need to spend on repetitive paperwork.

Tip: Watch this video to learn more about Fixably Refurb's reporting capabilities:

Don't Let These Challenges Hold You Back

The sales module inside Fixably Refurb is a wide-encompassing solution to these common pain points in selling used electronic devices

By automating processes, optimizing stock management, providing actionable sales analytics, offering flexible product tagging, and improving device stock management, Fixably Refurb can help refurbishment businesses of all sizes thrive.

To discover how our sales module can transform your operations and set your company up for success, schedule a product demonstration with us! 

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