Simple Solutions Offer Great User Experience, More Efficiency in a Repair Shop

Simple Solutions Offer Great User Experience, More Efficiency in a Repair Shop

Fixably's visual and mechanical inspection feature is an example of how you can benefit from simple improvements to software.

From the perspective of a repair business — especially AASPs, general-purpose ERPs or custom Filemaker solutions have a major user experience drawback. 

While these solutions are configurable, you’ll be adapting to their workflows rather than relying on a workflow designed for repair management.

But does this really matter?

We think it does. Because software should reflect the way your business works. We design workflows to reduce the time each user spends on Fixably. Less time managing orders, and more time completing repairs.

Here’s an example of how we do this.

Bringing the ‘Visual’ to Visual Inspection

We recently introduced a quick, simple step to record visual inspection, or VMI, within Fixably. AASPs (Apple Authorized Service Providers) would be familiar with this process as it’s an Apple requirement.

VMI, or visual and mechanical inspection, refers to recording any visible physical damage to the device when it’s dropped off at a service location. It’s usually a written description by whoever accepts the device for repair.

But a description is more prone to interpretation than an image. It also takes more effort from someone who is often not familiar with the technical aspects of repair.

Our solution was to introduce a simple schematic of the device and built-in ways to mark specific types of damage. We’ve even built it into the check-in process to ensure an easy and non-disruptive.

Note: This does not replace device diagnosis for AASPs.

Why should you consider using our VMI feature in your workflow and how is it better than just describing physical damage?

  • It increases trust between your business and your customers. Why? You can share the results of the inspection with your customer immediately and that enables them to have a record of how the device was turned over to you.
  • It can serve as a contract that is not open to interpretation. Including this visual format in the order confirmation, which is signed by the customer, serves as a document that acknowledges the physical state of the device when it was dropped off at a service location.
  • It’s the easiest and fastest way to record any apparent physical damage to the device before you accept it at a service location. A few clicks and check-boxes is all you need to have a comprehensive record of all physical damage (or the lack of it).
  • It improves internal reporting because there is a visual record of any noticeable damage. The repair technician doesn’t have to rely on a description by a third person. Neither does the customer.

What the Device Inspection includes:

  • A device model selection: This is a list of device models available right now (as a dropdown menu). Ideally, Fixably should be able to match the device based on the serial number. If it does not, you can manually select the model from the dropdown selection.

  • ‘No damage’: A check-box to be selected if the device has no noticeable physical damage.
  • Physical damage indicators: You can choose between scratches, dents, cracks, liquid damage, corrosion, and stains. An image of the device is displayed when you select from the device model dropdown. Choose the type of damage and click on the image to tag damage. Double click on the indicator if you want to delete the tag.
  • Additional observations: This is a way to add descriptive information if that’s preferred. Plus, you can also choose between four different physical damage types that cannot be shown on the image of the device.

The end result is a feature that allows the user to complete VMI faster and with more detailed and accurate information.

Follow the Repair Logic

We follow the same logic when designing the repair workflow. Each task is handled as quickly as possible, but without skipping steps or compromising your business.

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