Ensuring Profitability in Refurbishment and Recommerce

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Fixably Refurb is the first proper purpose-built OS for the refurbished sector — enabling businesses big and small to run data-driven recommerce operations straight out of the box.

Product Management

Are you tired of not having an overview of your business?

You have a bird’s eye view of every device you’ve sourced and where it is currently at in your workflow — ensuring you never lose track of any devices.

You can also upload devices in batches and easily manage their processing with Fixably Refurb. This enables you to track batches of devices from the moment you sourced them, and all the way through device arrival, inspection, repair/refurbishment, and sales.

Real-time view of your product catalog on one main dashboard


Identify the number of devices in each stage of your refurb process

Stock & Inventory Management

Do you know which devices are selling and which are costing you?

Track your available saleable inventory, with the ability to create filtered views for device types and models. Getting the data you need — high level or granular — is effortless.

Each device is connected to information on repair/refurb work, purchase price, final grade, and stock ‘age’ (time spent as a saleable item).

Business owners and sales managers get a snapshot of the pipeline, including the total value of their stock and the average time that it has been available for sale.

Identify count of devices that are refurbished and ready for sale at any point in time

Prevent inventory aging by identifying stock that is not selling as fast you want

Reporting & Analytics

Are you spending time manually building reports on Excel?

Keep your focus on business performance and profitability. Our home dashboard provides key insights into the current state of your business, highlighting metrics such as total sales revenue, average margin, value of available saleable stock, average rotation time, and the average price per device.

Dig deeper into these in our sales reports. Track your best-selling devices as well as models costing you capital to make better buying decisions.

Access key business metrics, with updated data, every single day

Instantly create batch RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) for vendors

Refurb & Repair Workflows

Are you tracking your refurb workflows to identify bottlenecks?

A task list controls refurbishment workflows within Fixably Refurb, ensuring that every necessary step is actively completed and checked off. This data is captured and attached to individual cases so that you can track technician performance, improving accountability across your processes.

Track & control technician performance through intuitive task lists

Capture data and use it to improve accountability every step of the refurb process

Vendor & Customer Management

Do you know which vendors source the best devices for you?

Manage both end users and your vendors with ease. You can track devices bought and sold per vendor for easier B2B sales and purchases. Plus, gain access to actionable data such as return rates by each individual vendor to ensure that you’re trusting the right sourcing partners.

Manage sourcing vendors and end users with ease

Get actionable insights about vendor performance

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