Service Portal for Apple Authorized Service Providers: Why You Need One

Service Portal for Apple Authorized Service Providers: Why You Need One

The customer portal is a recent change that has transformed the relationship between customers and companies. Today, most want a personalized experience that they can manage online.

The modern-day customer wants the company to be available to them 24/7. They're comfortable with companies using personal data and, in return, expect a tailored and coherent experience across multiple channels.

This increased level of customer expectation is why most businesses are setting up omni-channel infrastructure. In other words, they develop platforms that customers will need for a seamless service experience. And a self-service portal is a solution that answers this need.

By definition, a self-service portal offers comprehensive self-help functionality open for use by customers. As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, your customers have already been primed by Apple to expect quality digital interactions. The key is to provide value rather than just a functioning alternative to a phone call or a trip to the service location.

Fixably offers a service portal that provides proven tangible benefits for technical service providers. From an enhanced customer experience to increasing your revenue and service capacity, adding an elegant service portal makes perfect sense for repair service providers.

For AASPs and other companies looking to automate the repair process, a self-service portal offers loads of amazing features. For instance, service requests can be processed directly from a self-service portal with customers completing a controlled check-in process.

Fixably has a user-friendly web-portal for our customers so they can create service orders and keep track of the service process along the way, something that is very important for them and us.

Christian Anderson, Infografikk, Norway

Reduce Time Spent Responding to Customer Inquiries

A customer portal works in conjunction with other elements of customer service. It’s not a solitary service channel, but it can ease the burden on other resources for all types of repair service provider.

Customers can resolve issues without a customer agent’s help using a self-service portal. For instance, customers can easily use Fixably's service portal to create repair requests, approve costs and receive order status updates — all without input from a technician or a customer service agent. The time saving is considerable.

Customer Portals Improve Agent Productivity

Your AASP needs a customer portal to boost the productivity of customer support. With a functional customer portal most of your customers will not need an agent to provide a response to routine requests for updates and documentation related to the repair.

This equals fewer calls to your customer service, messages, and support tickets. Furthermore, for the customers that do call in, your agents can spend time answering each customer without worrying about a backlog of inquiries.

Consequently, this leaves allowances for creativity and provision of actionable solutions on the part of your agents. A self-service customer portal frees up agents to provide excellent customer care.

Boost Positive Customer Experience and Recommendations

A self-service portal for the customers’ use can boost brand trust and reputation. This is easy because this platform makes for positively refreshing customer interactions.

Fixably can help by providing a user-friendly interface that is compatible with different types of media and updates in real-time. The opportunities for this level of functionality are boundless and make for great customer interactions.

You see, about 39% of millennials prefer to find solutions to issues themselves. If you can provide the resources to do so in a seamless environment, it increases the standing of your AASP among customers.

Self Service Portals Leverage Personalized Information

A self-service portal should have personalization features. By personalization, we mean that it helps customers find specific information about their repairs and devices, using experience from past activities. As a result, customers can work faster using self-service accounts.

Furthermore, personalization upgrades the whole customer experience. Having their own account to access the records of their past repair services and provision of relevant information helps customers feel like the AASP values them.

This can contribute to customer appeal and is typically reflected by an increase in positive reviews and recommendations. And of course, with these, more customers and increased revenue are not far behind.

An Elegant Solution

A customer self-service portal offers solutions that allow AASPs to manage repairs effectively. With the benefits outlined above, there’s no doubt that Fixably provides the best solution to enhance your customer experience.

To add more value, Fixably also offers the ability to integrate the portal with online payment systems and logistics functionality. A comprehensive customer portal can cut marketing costs considerably.

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